Judge Les Hatch Appears To Have Violated My Constitutional Rights

Instead of asking anyone to read 80 pages of a legal brief, I decided to use my note taking skills and turn the first part into a 4 page PDF with 99.9% screen shots.

In the PDF you’ll see how …

Judge Les Hatch denied the opposing side attorney fees in June 2019.

Then at a hearing that was only scheduled to be about discovery, the SAME JUDGE, Judge Les Hatch then granted the attorney fees he denied just 6 months prior, without giving me notice that this was going to be brought up during the hearing.

After that, just 7 days later, on December 27th 2019 (two days after Christmas) Judge Les Hatch had another hearing that allowed the attorneys fees to be collected BEFORE my trial was has.

The only problem is, in doing so, Judge Les Hatch, did not give me the required 45 days notice of this hearing as is part of my statutory and constitutional rights.

The problem … the money has already been removed from my bank account and I presume is overseas right now and because there is a 15 month wait to get our appeal heard … well at the end of the day I don’t expect to actually see that money returned to me despite me pointing out this concern to the court during our last hearing.

Judge Les Hatch created a final judgement for attorney fees for the opposing side while never ensuring that I received notice of said hearing nor giving me 45 days as required.

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