The Offline Assistant Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Me

Since Kevin O’Connors company The Offline Assistant keeps trying to get my videos blocked on YouTube in Ireland, he has left me no choice but to share my personal experience and these legal documents between us including his request for us to pay up to a million dollars via his lawsuit against Castleman Consulting LLC.

Here is the timeline of events.

After refusing to respond to my emails asking for repayment, I had no choice but to retain a lawyer and send a demand letter requesting repayment.

Not only did he not repay us (even after I offered to settle for $5,000, half the amount my lawyer was requesting) his lawyer sent me a demand letter asking for me to pay $315,000 in damages, to remove all of my post, videos, podcasts and more that shared my experience with The Offline Assistant Company AND wanted me to write an apology (that had to be approved by Kevin prior to publishing) and post it here (and other locations) for an entire year.

When we refused to do so, he retained J Paul Manning and is currently suing me for up to a million dollars in civil court here in Lubbock Texas

I am only sharing this as a guest post blog here because Kevin and The Offline Assistant Company keep attempting to have me silenced and my videos blocked in Ireland.

My personal experience with The Offline Assistant company has been as follows:

– Hired them to fulfill our eCom store orders for our dropshipping store.

– During a monthly review of my books, my accountant and I noticed close to $8,000 in double orders by The Offline Assistant company on our behalf.

– When we confronted Kevin O’Connor, the CEO of the company about this he not only refused to accept responsibility, he stopped responding to my emails once I started demanding repayment.

– Left with no other options I retained a lawyer to ask for repayment via our legal demand letter.

– Kevin then hired not one, but two lawyers. The first one wanted me to pay him $315,000, give up my first amendment rights (my opinion) and issue a public apology (that had to be approved personally by Kevin) and his new lawyer now wants me to pay up to $1,000,000 to Kevin and The Offline Assistant company.

This is my experience as President of Castleman Consulting LLC and should only be considered my opinion until proven in a court of law. Do you own research and due diligence prior to making any decision on doing business with The Offline Assistant Company. I just wanted to share my experience with them.

These documents are a matter of public record and an ongoing legal case against me and I am within my rights to publish them here.