The Offline Assistant Denied Their Temporary Restraining

Kevin O’Connor and The Offline Assistant requested a temporary restraining order and an injunction against me that would have prevented me from posting updates online about the case or contact Kevin or his lawyers.

This motion was DENIED by the courts.

That means I’m 100% free to contact him and his lawyers anytime I want AND I can continue to post updates about the case all over social media, my blog, etc.

Even though our Anti-Slapp case is currently under appeal, apparently Kevin and The Offline Assistant Company wants to have my blog post, videos, podcasts, and more removed from the internet.

For those needing a quick recap, read the various blog post on the topic but here’s my 100% opinion based timeline of events:

Nov 2015 – We notice almost 8k in over ordering by Kevin’s company The Offline Assistant. We double check our numbers (by pulling credit card statements, orders) and give Kevin several opportunities to settle with us for less money (5k at one point) but refuses to accept fault and eventually he stops answering my emails.

Dec 2015 – I send a legal demand letter asking for repayment.

Dec 2015 – Kevin’s first lawyer responds and instead of settling, he wants us to remove all of our content, write a public apology (that Kevin as to approve), and pay Kevin $315,000 in damages. This is less than a month after we discovered the error.

Mar 2016 – Kevin officially sues us (making all of this public record), but now he’s got a new lawyer, and wants up to a million dollars in damages.

Aug / Sept 2016 – Kevin begins having our content falsely (my opinion) blocked in Ireland and when I reach out his lawyer asking him to stop, he doesn’t. As a result, I have no other option but to repost the videos and provide updates on each one via various social channels.

Oct 2016 – We appeal the Anti-Slapp case to the Court of Appeals in Amarillo Texas.

Early Nov 2016 – Kevin’s lawyers file for an extension and push the appeal deadline to the 30th of November.

Nov 22,2016 – Kevin’s lawyers file for a TRO and permanent injunction against me contacting my friend along with posting updates on the case.

Dec 9th, 2016 – The court denies Kevin’s temporary restraining order and injunction attempt against me.

You can read the courts ruling here: