Castleman Consulting LLC Appeals Bill of Review Verdict

Castleman Consulting LLC finds itself again at the appellate court against Kevin O’Connor and The Offline Assistant Company.

This time Castleman Consulting LLC is forced to appeal the trial courts denial of their Bill of Review.

Here’s what was submitted on behalf of Castleman Consulting LLC.

Castleman Consulting LLC Ap… by Tim Castleman

Couple of things I’ll point out for anyone not wanting to read all the things….

These are just initial thoughts and opinions and should not be considered facts without you doing your own due diligence and research.

– The trial court denied attorneys fees in writing 6 months prior to awarding them at a hearing Castleman Consulting LLC was never received notice of.

– Castleman Consulting LLC was never given the 45 days allowed to respond once those attorneys fees were awarded.

– Zero notice of the trial or other hearings of the case.

– The trial court should have never awarded the initial judgement against Castleman Consulting LLC. Nor should they turn it into its own case so that the opposing side could collect prior to the trial that Castleman Consulting LLC also never received notice of.