The Offline Assistant Company

This is a series of guest posts from Castleman Consulting LLC detailing their 5 year legal battle defending a lawsuit from Kevin O’Connor and The Offline Assistant Company after leaving a negative review of Kevin’s company – The Offline Assistant Co.

All information in these pages and posts and any others should only be considered opinion and not a matter of fact without first doing your own research and due diligence.

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Here is a timeline of events and posts

The Offline Assistant Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Me

The Offline Assistant Files To Have My Content Removed From The Internet

The Offline Assistant Denied Their Temporary Restraining

Castleman Consulting Appeals The Offline Assistant Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Us

Kevin O’Connor & The Offline Assistant LOSE At The Texas Supreme Court

Kevin O’Connor & The Offline Assistant Ordered To Pay Legal Fees

What Is Going On In Judge Les Hatch Court?

Castleman Consulting LLC Appeals Bill of Review

Judge Les Hatch Appears To Have Violated My Constitutional Rights